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Kokomo Jones – The Site

This site is a document of Kokomo’s music tastes and recommendations in Melbourne, Australia and around the world. These are stories based on fact.

(BYO Hawaiian shirt and elasticised dress pants)

Kokomo Jones – The Man

Birthed in the 70’s, contaminated in the 80s and burnt out by the 90s, Kokomo has played in various nobody going nowhere bands throughout Melbourne’s smallest bars and backyard parties.  A fan of fuzz-jangle guitar, six packs of tall cans and stacked harmonies, he prays to the church of live music.  With no real journalistic qualification or talent, Kokomo has just a large collection of Hawaiian shirts and shaky tappy-tap-text fingers to bring you his best from inside venues small and large.

Kokomo lives for live music.  Be like Koko and go outside and  experience live music on a school night – or any night for that matter.  Be like Koko and enjoy what days you have left reading the musical sprawl posted on this here music page.  Kokomo knows. Be like Koko.

Please read responsibly.

Alleged Praise for Kokomo’s Music Blog

“This is the only place I go to find out what’s on” – Molly Meldrum