Why You Need Triple R Radio to Love Music Again

Koko has a lifelong theory of why pay for anything when it free.  Koko live by this motto his whole life.  He build his extensive collection of service station (ahem) glamour magazines this way.  And …

Triple R Radiothon 2022

Koko has a lifelong theory of why pay for anything when it free.  Koko live by this motto his whole life.  He build his extensive collection of service station (ahem) glamour magazines this way.  And Koko is prone to “borrowing” logins for streaming services and items he will never return.  Koko paints a questionable picture of himself, and yes, Koko is cheap.  But he fight through the cheapness to pay the cash to subscribe to Triple R Radio station for many years.  Learn why Triple R worthy of listen and worthy of your cash.

Koko Read the News Today… Oh Boy

Koko has been a live music pest for most of his life.  He has been obsessed with music for as long as he remembers.  So it interesting when he read this article by Daniel Dylan Wray, that people in their 30’s give up on music.  They believe all new music is garbage.  They not like live music anymore.  Live music is played too late, and it too loud for older folk.  Safer and warmer at home, watch Netflix and order meal delivered by bicycle.  Slowly expand pant size and give up on life. 

Koko not understand this thinking.

Also makes Koko wonder if people are too busy with Podcasts and streaming services to put on the radio.  When young, radio essential source to discover new music. Now too many entertainment options mean radio (and reading a real-life book) is not the first choice anymore.  People now discover new, old music through TV show. Radio ignored. Now people get in the car and put on a podcast.  Clean dishes, listen to podcasts.  Finish work, watch 5000 TV shows.

Koko think most people not likely to take a chance on radio anymore? People not like the opportunity to listen and discover something new.  No Molly to recommend new music. So now, listen to warmed up classic hits or garbage while channel surfing on radio. Bit sad, when good radio exists, just need to find it…

Triple R Radio (102.7) – Discover New Tunes

Koko still love radio like Triple R.  Koko thankful that Triple R Radio help him discover music in the last few years that truly change his life.  Jonny Fritz, Robert Ellis amongst many others.  Koko discovered Portland band Quasi on Local and/Or General years ago. He still obsessive about Quasi 20 odd years later.  And it not unusual while driving, Koko’s children are ready with mobile phone device with Shazam App open. Discovering name of song and artist of latest mindblower playing on Triple R.

Robert Ellis – He Da Man (Hunk!)

That is why Triple R is the best place to discover new music.  If love for music wanes, it might be worth discovering new music on radio. Spotify home of a million shit songs.  You can wade through that to discover new tunes. Or listen to Triple R, and have curated music delivered to your ear-holes.  Listen to Triple R feel make Koko like a horse, being fed sugar cubes by hand. Nayyy.

Listening to Triple R can re-ignite passion for music, and then put a boot in dear readers ass to see live music.  Might stop the aging process, and get you out more.  Stop getting coffee delivered by drone and leave the house, see sunshine, enjoy a walk and wave at neighbour with more than middle finger.  And if you see live music on school night, If you be tired the next day at work, you be ok. You lived a little the night before. And that why coffee and/or sick days was invented. To help manage your drinking problem and social life.

Quasi – The greatest

Final Thoughts

Community Radio like Triple R is important.  The key word being community, it bring people together.  Gives them meaning, all under the shared love of music in all its forms.  Koko love music, he love live music and Triple R keeps delivering the goods after 20 years of listening.

Be like Koko – support Triple R with some dollars for Radiothon.

FYI – Koko subscribed to Twang – hosted by Denise Hylands. Woo

XoXo – Kokomo

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