Jonny Fritz Review: Fritz plays all the Hitz

Jonny Fritz – October 8 at Out on the Weekend in Williamstown and October 13 at The Thornbury Theatre While Koko was in Covid jail for 2 years, he suffer.  No bands come to Australia …


Jonny Fritz – October 8 at Out on the Weekend in Williamstown and October 13 at The Thornbury Theatre

While Koko was in Covid jail for 2 years, he suffer.  No bands come to Australia as he locked in home with wife and children.  Koko spend his time home schooling and getting frequent Dan Murphy’s deliveries, waiting for the day Jonny Fritz would return.  Well the stars aligned, Covid was officially over and Mr. Fritz came back for Out on the Weekend 2022.  It was like everything was getting back to normal for old Koko, including his trademark Post-Out on the Weekend hangover that lasts for days.

Since last visiting Australia, Jonny Fritz is now a respected LA real estate agent and Head of Publicity for the Stadium Inn.  He is semi-retired from the music business.  He dust off his “Corndawg” guitar and “Sweet Creep” guitar strap, and come back to Melbourne to play three shows. And Koko happy to report, all three were damn good, even though Koko mightily inebriated at every single one of them. Glug,

Jonny Fritz at Out on the Weekend

Jonny Fritz is the heart and soul of Out on the Weekend.  And it fitting that he the MC for event in 2022.  He the monarch of the festival.  Bit like Burt Newton of Logie awards (but still alive with real hair), or like Zig and Zag at Moomba (but not pedophile).  His brand of weird, humorous tunes always entertaining.  Jonny say he write songs about things no one ever write about before.  And it always a highlight when he tell the origins of his songs, to reinforce what we all already know – he a lunatic genius.

Out on the Weekend was a great day although line up wasn’t the best ever.  But Koko still treat the festival as his Christmas and/or Hanukkah.  Jonny play double set, as he wheeled out the hits, playing favourites such as Goodbye Summer, Trash Day, Humidifier, Middle Brother and new song Tea Man. Please find sample of lyrics below…

” I’m a Tea Man and I can drink more than He-Man, and I don’t even need a full nights sleep, as long as you keep it coming”

Jonny pepper his songs with anecdotes, hilarity and energy.  There is no one like him.  The people respond to Jonny at the big festivals, which is difficult being a little man on a big stage, singing to huge audience of cowboys and ex-cons.  Jonny can do it, and he is always the greatest, but that is why Koko always go to the more intimate, solo shows where Jonny is more at home.

Jonny Fritz at Thornbury Theatre

The Fritz set played at Thornbury was similar set to Out on the Weekend, but with more crowd interactions and banter.  Koko sit next to man who never see Jonny before, and he laugh through entire show at Jonny’s ludicrous (but loveable) songs.  Jonny started set with house lights still on, he make comment about playing with lights on as he watching audience gawp and yawn through entire set.  Melbourne is notorious for best audience in the world… cough cough.  Mixing man get the hint and turned the lights down, like at a real show.

Jonny play hit after hit, in between sips of tea and ongoing amateur hour shenanigans from Thornbury Theatre. At one point, backing music start to play while Fritz still on stage, make Koko wonder who running stage at Thornbury.  Koko alarmed at fuck ups, and he investigate, and find pimply face kid behind the desk.  He said “Sorry Sir”, as he continued to stab at random buttons with one finger jammed up his nose. 

Jonny Fritz at Thornbury Theatre – he’s a Teaman

Sierra Ferrell at Thornbury Theatre

Speaking of Side shows, Jonny supported Sierra Ferrell and band (who was also amaaaaazing on the ears, eyes and pants)….  Koko hypnotised by beauty and band sound amazing, Sierra Ferrel’s compressed MP3 into $2 Chinese headphones not do her songs justice.  You have to see her play live. Sierra play her big hits like Silver Dollar, Why’d Ya do it and Jeremiah along with some covers.  Her voice and fiddle/guitar playing were phenomenal, and Koko will see her again.  Pray she come back to Australia soon.

Bonus image of Sierra Ferrell and band – Koko endorses this band

Final Thoughts

In summary, Koko got his fix of Fritz, for this year.  Koko find him satisfying like annual intercourse with wife.  And Koko can only pray that he come back next year.  Maybe his old compadres Josh Hedly and Robert Ellis may make a return. Then Koko relive the glory days of Out on the Weekend.  That be nice. Maybe Koko relive that Fritz gig that instigated this World Famous music blog, which you, dear reader can read following this link.

Until then Koko get another Dan Murphy delivery, with theme song “Are you Thirsy” still ring in his ear.  Yes, Koko always thirsty, he unquenchable.  Until next year…

XoXo – Kokomo

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