The Fauves Lazy Highways 25th Anniversary – Review

The Fauves with Lotte Gallagher – May 20 at The Workers Club, Fitzroy. The last time Koko went to a Fauves 25th Anniversary show was in 2013 at the Corner Hotel.  They have slideshow, discussions …

The Fauves Lazy Highways 25th Anniversary Review

The Fauves with Lotte Gallagher – May 20 at The Workers Club, Fitzroy.

The last time Koko went to a Fauves 25th Anniversary show was in 2013 at the Corner Hotel.  They have slideshow, discussions and “dark professional secrets”.  Well 10 years later, they have another 25th-anniversary show.  This time to celebrate classic album Lazy Highways.  And to commiserate that we all getting older.  Someone pass Koko his beer, glug.

As Koko roll into Workers Club, he recovering from root canal procedure.  Koko not have a medical degree from Sunshine Tafe, but he expert at self-medicating for pain relief and/or rock show.  Koko take the pain away but also, save enough room for his scheduled 10 cans for evening.  5 cans in, Koko medicated and lubricated enough for the support act Lotte Gallagher.

Lotte Gallagher – Nice Songs and Harmonies

The support act was a friend or relative of the Fauves.  The connection was lost on Koko, but that not important.  Koko enjoy the act. He recall a song about not wanting to live in the suburbs.  Koko been trapped in dead-end suburban life for years, so he relate to that one.  And he enjoy friend/relative of Doug (Fauves drummer) get up on stage to sing Don’t Say When – a Coxy track from Fauves 2011 album Japanese Engines.

Now imagine Acoustic duo, beautiful voices in harmony, sing some heartfelt lyrics by Coxy.

“Don’t say when, let’s pretend we’re ok again
Give it time, you will find I can be ready if you want…”

Koko have something in his eye.. sniff. 

Nice performance and Koko recommend Lotte Gallagher start a Fauves tribute acoustic duo, and Koko be her manager.  Make dollar-bucks to help Koko afford his child support payments.  Speaking of children, lots of young people at show tonight.  Likely friends of Lotte Gallagher, but that ok.  Young people at live shows good for everybody.

The Fauves play Lazy Highways – Start to Finish

And after that, KoKo reload his refreshments and wait for Fauves to play through Lazy Highways.  And that exactly what Fauves do.

Coxy and the boys were in fine form, celebrating this album, having a great time, giving each other shit and having a laugh.  The Fauves were on fire, energetic and entertaining.  Koko enjoy the banter.  Classic line from Coxy about Doc writing Girlfriend for Life, and his actual partner/girlfriend for life was in the audience.  And they tell story about few of the songs.  Koko love his Fauves history.  It his favourite category when playing Trivial Pursuit.

Some songs were never played live before.  And band joke that they front-load the album with the best songs, so the show will gradually get worse as the songs do.  But Koko disagree, and the album stellar front to back.  Also, Fauves bring in a keyboardist pal to help flesh out the sunny, keyboard melodies of songs during this era.  They fill out sound for a few tracks and a welcome addition.  But maybe, next time make Keyman play a keytar and maybe wear crop top and dance too.      

Koko’s Half-time refreshments

After wrapping up the album, band take a break and Koko get refreshed again.  Served by lady with underwear so low and visible, Koko see her cheeks.  If not in cashless society, Koko tempted to put a 20 note in her hip-high underwear elastic.  Koko stop himself. Not want to be inappropriate. He save that money for next bucks party he attend instead. 

Future Spa Encore?… Oh yes, they did.

Slowly, band re-assemble on stage and burn through the Big Hits from Future Spa.  The crowd was loving it, secretly filming for their YouTube channels.  From Don’t get death threats anymore, Dogs are the best people and finishing up with Self Abuser.  The Encore had some synchronized Guitar/bass action between Coxy & Ted, meanwhile, a back to back solo turned sensual as it evolved into an Ass-to-ass solo.  All welcomed and appreciated by old Koko.

When they wrapped up, the crowd was not satisfied.  They demand more.  The Fauves were on fire so they came back for one more track.  One for the kids on the sidelines watching on.  The Fauves played a blistering version of Everyone is getting a three-piece together.  Luckily Koko capture that one for his You-Tubez channel.

Meanwhile, Koko wonder were the kids listening?  Did they see enough to want to pick up and play an instrument that wasn’t their own ding-a-ling?  Would they, in fact, start a 3 piece after what they had just witnessed?  And would they decide to start a band like the Fauves and create something special? 

Or dear reader, will they go back to watching TicToc videos, planning their unrealistic instafame strategies while getting pizza and intercourse delivered to their front doors?  Koko not know. 

Final Thoughts

The good news is, The Fauves say they come back in 25 years for 50 year anniversary of Lazy Highways.  If Koko not dead or in jail, he be there.  And Fauves get a big cheer for a Thousand Yard Stare anniversary show.  Koko endorse this future show.  Any chance to hear Every TV star has a dark side live is welcome.

When Ugly lights come on, Koko finish his beer and head out into the cold.  Feeling good from reliving his youth, and filled with lingering thoughts of getting a three-piece together… Old Koko wonder if KFC still open for a late-night finger-licking fiesta…

XoXo – Kokomo

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