Tim Rogers and the Twin Set Review: Playing Arse Kicking Songs

Tim Rogers and the Twin Set – November 16 at Brunswick Ballroom. As Koko crawled out of his Uber, various tall cans in hand, he was in a hurry.  His Rock & Roll therapist, Tim …


Tim Rogers and the Twin Set – November 16 at Brunswick Ballroom.

As Koko crawled out of his Uber, various tall cans in hand, he was in a hurry.  His Rock & Roll therapist, Tim Rogers was in town.  He reformed the Twin Set, recorded a new album and was going to play that classic album What Rhymes with Cars and Girls from start to finish.  Koko not need Delorean to go back to 1999 to relive former glory. He slurp down seven beers, enter Brunswick Ballroom and enjoy Tim and Twin Set perform Cars and Girls.

Time Rogers and the New Stuff

Regular readers of Koko’s world famous music blog (ex-wifes lawyers, internet scammers) know Koko big fan of Uncle Tim Rogers.  He follow Tim through the highs and lows of his career, and he love every step of the journey.  Tim still producing some top shelf music, and this fact was on display tonight.  Tim reveal that while working on his Cars and Girls Stage Show in 2015 (which Koko attend and loooooved), Tim start to write sequels to his classic songs.  What an amazing idea, and Koko not recall anyone do anything like this before.  Every track gets a sequel.  Unfortunately, new album not called Cars and Girls 2: Judgement Day, it called Tines of Stars Unfurled.  And the new songs like Twenty Two and That Arse Kicking Song were all stone cold classics.  Vintage Tim. 

Tim’s Classic Stuff

Let’s not forget. Tim played What Rhymes with Cars and Girls, backed with Twin Set OGs like Davey Lane and Jen Anderson.  The band play in Brunswick Ballroom, and it sound amazing.  It reminds Koko why that album so fucking good.  Of course, Tim ad lib some song lines, crack gags, make mustachioed audience laugh and/or drink. 

Tim also play a couple of covers, 8 days a week from Beatles among other song.  Tim almost launch into Harvest Moon, and Koko reach for his phone ready tor ecord that sucker… but it wasn’t meant to be.  Tim divert into album closer, The songs they Played As I drove Away.  One of Timmy’s best songs, with one of the all-time greatest opening lines ever.

I got from Campbelltown to Yass
On a borrowed tank of gas
And I never missed a pothole on the trail
But what really drove the nails
were the songs they played as I drove away.

Does it get any better? Koko have something in his eye… sniff.

What Rhymes with Cars & Girls?

Tim also reveal unknown details of that original album and touring it many years ago.  Such as the impact of ex-band mates and friends, now deceased.  And the bombshell that Cars and Girls was recorded just as demos in a basement at Jen’s place.  Just demos?  Jeezus.  And he won an ARIA for the work.  Talented bastard.  If Only Koko could get ANYTHING to sound as good as Tim’s ARIA winning demo…. Koko did write about his trophy shelf a few years ago, it’s still collecting dust in case you were wondering.

Back to the show. As usual, Tim was animated, giving his band mates equal time on the stage as he strutted around, swigging from his wine bottle.  All eyes were on Tim and Jen, as a subdued Davey Lane sat back, hiding behind his sensible specs and effortlessly doing what needs to be done.  He a talented bastard too.    

Final Thoughts

The show was a success, as Uncle Tim, Rock and Roll Therapist take Koko on a journey into the past.  Unlike Koko’s old therapist, there was no “show me where the bad man touched you?”.  It was more like, “Tell me about your life during your glory years 20-odd years ago”.  They were good times.  Tim and Twin Set also show Koko glimpse of the future.  That new album Tines of Stars Unfurled will land in February 2023.  Koko not been this excited for a sequel since Bill & Teds Bogus Journey come out.  Koko have meaning in his life beyond going to Dan Murphy’s, playing shows to empty bars and watching latest season of Survivor. LIVIN! 

This album is gonna be special. You can Pre-Order from this link here. Tell them Koko sent you.

XoXo – Kokomo

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